April 25, 2019

April 25 2019, Clearwater, FL – Zing, a peer-­to­-peer drone delivery system, has integrated AirMap APIs to increase pilot situational awareness of the low ­altitude airspace. This will aid in the prevention of overflights and deliveries over sensitive locations and infrastructure, such as prisons, schools, and inside of controlled airspace.

AirMap is the world’s leading airspace intelligence platform for drones. AirMap connects the world’s drones to airspace authorities through integrations with major drone manufacturers such as senseFly, Intel, Matternet, 3DR, and more. Deployed in Japan, Switzerland, and the U.S., AirMap leads the industry in UTM and U-­space to enable safe drone operations at scale.

AirMap APIs are being used to improve Zing’s drone delivery platform. Zing’s mobile app, Zing Drone Delivery, is compatible with any DJI drone right out of the box. By adding AirMap APIs to the Zing app, pilots maintain awareness of controlled airspace as well as prisons, schools, and hospitals to help ensure flight safety. Zing’s pilots also receive notification if there are any manned or unmanned aircraft on a collision course with their drone thanks to the AirMap Traffic API.

“We provide real-­time data about our flights to AirMap and to help them build continue to build a robust UTM platform. Their APIs have truly taken us to the next level.” ­ Ian Annase (Founder, Zing)

The AirMap UTM (UAS Traffic Management) Platform provides a real­time, dynamic, and comprehensive picture of the airspace to integrate drones safely into the national airspace system and keep stakeholders and the general public protected.

“Drone deliveries are convenient, quick, and eco­-friendly. Cars simply can’t compete with the speed and efficiency of drones,” adds Annase. “They don’t have to deal with red lights, traffic, or any other obstacles that would be encountered on the ground. Traveling as the crow flies at maximum speed gives drones a major competitive advantage. Our partnership with AirMap brings us one step closer to enabling quick, convenient, and eco-­friendly deliveries throughout the globe.”

For more information on Zing please visit https://zingdrones.com/

For more information on AirMap please visit https://airmap.com/

Company Details

Zing is building a drone delivery platform utilizing a massive pre-existing network of consumer drones. The company builds autonomous drone flight software as well as drone delivery devices which are compatible with DJI drones. The team at Zing is on a mission to make quick, convenient, and eco-friendly deliveries by drone the new standard.

For more information on Zing please visit https://zingdrones.com/