February 25, 2020


February 25, 2020 (Chicago, Il) Women and Drones, the premier global platform for women in the UAS (drone) and UAM (urban air mobility) industries, has released Understanding the UAS Job Market: Results of Women and Drones Survey, a study of jobs in the industry based on a recent survey. The study includes companies seeking to fill positions, job seekers, and educational programs in the drone industry.

“Today, the workforce is focused on Part 107 remote pilot jobs,” according to study author, Dr. Tulinda Larsen. “Companies are looking drone pilots, Job Seekers are looking for drone pilot jobs, and educational programs are offering drone piloting training. The companies are also seeking to fill project and program management, engineers, sales and marketing, operations, IT data scientists, robotics, scientists, and GIS specialists.”

Women and Drones found 26,000 jobs are posted daily in the UAS and UAM industry. All of the companies responding to the survey are planning job openings for 2020. While the most jobs are for Part 107 remote pilots, companies are also looking to fill professional positions, such as project and program management.

Of the almost 100 job seekers that responded, 90% were women. Job seekers are well educated with 78% having at least a four-year degree. Two-thirds of the job seekers are currently in the job market and the one-third not actively seeking a job, would consider making a job change for the right position. 80% hold an FAA license.

Educational programs range from certificates to full doctoral programs. Courses include training for Part 107 licensing, specialized applications for drones, mapping, GIS, engineering, and digital photography.

In conclusion, the drone job market is very dynamic and growing, which is expected to create opportunities for women in these technology jobs.

Download the study here:

Understanding the UAS Job Market: Results of Women and Drones Survey

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