February 2, 2021

February 2, 2021- Chicago, IL

The leading membership organization dedicated to growing the number of women in the global drone industry, announces the establishment of a chapter in Africa.  Women and Drones, Africa will be directed by drone pilot and business owner Louise Jupp of South Africa.   Jupp’s company, Terreco Aviation, offers drone-based consulting services. “I’m eager to help expand the Women and Drones mission across Africa, raising awareness about the roles women are playing in the African drone industry while supporting and inspiring others to get involved,” says Jupp.  “We will start by showcasing trailblazing women in the African drone industry through a video series on the Women and Drones YouTube channel.  In the series, women explain why and how they became involved in the drone industry, some of the challenges they overcame and opportunities they see for women now and in the future.  They also offer advice for girls and women who might be interested in the drone industry but don’t know where to start.”

In addition to the video series, Women and Drones, Africa members and non-members will be invited to join a Fireside Chat each week.  The online event will provide an opportunity for women to connect with each other across the continent.  Each session will feature a guest speaker from the drone industry, offering insight, case studies, services as well as best practice guidance.  “With time, we will expand the activities and support features of Women and Drones, Africa for members to include benefits such as workshops, webinars, mentoring and discounted access to conferences or training programs,” says Jupp.

Women and Drones was founded by Sharon Rossmark in 2017, with a primary mission of inspiring more female participation in the emerging drone economy.  Drone Industry Insights projects the global market for drone technologies will reach $43.1 billion USD by 2024.  In the United States less than 7% of all certified drone pilots are women, according to numbers provided by the Federal Aviation Administration.

“We are excited about expanding our engagement with women in Africa” says Rossmark. “The numbers of women across the African continent participating in the commercial drone industry have been increasing. We will establish strategic partnerships to support their efforts when it comes to exploring emerging applications,” She adds, “As digital transformation expands, we envision women being major catalysts for new business ventures.”


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About Women and Drones Women And Drones is the leading membership organization dedicated to driving excellence in the unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and Urban Air Mobility (UAM) industry by advocating for female participation in this dynamic segment of the global economy.  We partner with companies committed to an inclusive culture where women can thrive. We also provide Drone Flight Services including aerial imagery and drone product beta testing.  Our female-focused educational programs range from kindergarten to career in efforts to balance the gender equation in the industry now, as well as for the future of flight. Find out more by visiting www.WomenandDrones.com.