April 29, 2019

(Austin, TX) – Drone Industry Wire is proud to announce the launch of a new platform which saves companies and non-profits from the frustration of not getting their latest news and product announcements seen by interested media, and saves journalist’s time by providing a single reference source for the latest industry press releases and high-res media for their use.

Companies: The drone industry is experiencing aggressive expansion and a major influx of startups, forcing our community to struggle to get news and product announcements in front of media who’re genuinely interested. Traditional press release distribution services cost on average $500-$2,000/release and cast a wide content net, meaning updates get lost in the background noise.

Media: On the other side of the equation, media and journalists are often frustrated by the lack of standardization in press releases like PR contact info, the inability to quickly find releases when needed, and the struggle to get images for use. In a world where journalists often have very quick turnaround requirements to generate stories, hunting for information can mean the difference between a brand making the cut or not.

Who we are: After consulting for a number of drone companies and coming to understand the community, two PR and marketing professionals, Devin Johnson and Mike Bestvina, recognized the common need: A new, cost-effective platform for the industry, fitted with the newsletter distribution and on-site features which journalists and editors demand.

“We’re helping companies and media help one-another,” said Johnson, Co-Founder of Drone Industry Wire. “By staying community focused to the drone industry, we tailor the platform to people who’re genuinely interested, and cost only a fraction of the traditional competition.”

How it Works: Any company interested in utilizing the platform can easily being uploading releases after registering, creating a company profile, and purchasing either a monthly or yearly membership. Every press release is content screened and approved for distribution. On the indicated day, the release will go live at 6:00am Eastern Time and be sent in a daily and weekly recap emails to the Drone Industry Wire list, including media and industry insiders.

To celebrate the platform launch, Drone Industry Wire is offering 4 free months with new annual subscriptions. Visit droneindustrywire.com and use code ‘Congrats’ at checkout.

Company Details

Drone Industry Wire is the premiere press release distribution service for companies and non-profits within the drone industry. Publish your release today at: droneindustrywire.com