How do I change my company boiler?

You can change your company boiler across all of your published releases at the same time by going to the ‘My Account’ drop-down and selecting ‘Update Profile’ – From here you can change logos, boilers, social media handles, and media contact info.

Can I edit a press release once it’s gone live?

If you’ve just submitted a release and realize there’s an error, you can trash that release and re-post a new one with corrections. However, if the release has been approved by us and already gone live on the site, we disallow edits by users. If there is a major error and you need assistance, please email us at:

Can I upload already published or old releases?

Yes! We encourage you to upload all past press releases that have been published, especially those which show major milestones or product announcements. When uploading, select the date they were originally published on and they’ll be correctly backdated once approved. These will appear in your company profile and make it easier for media to research your brand and quickly find important information.